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HELI Helical Bars

A range of helical bars offering solutions for crack stitching and other remedial work. Helical Bar sizes 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. Supplied in individual lengths of 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m and 3m.


Code Size Units
HELI-4.5-0500 4.5mm x 500mm long Each
HELI-4.5-1000 4.5mm x 1000mm long Each
HELI-4.5-1500 4.5mm x 1500mm long Each
HELI-4.5-3000 4.5mm x 3000mm long Each
HELI-6-0500 6mm x 500mm long Each
HELI-6-1000 6mm x 1000mm long Each
HELI-6-1500 6mm x 1500mm long Each
HELI-6-3000 6mm x 3000mm long Each
HELI-8-0500 8mm x 500mm long Each
HELI-8-1000 8mm x 1000mm long Each
HELI-8-1500 8mm x 1500mm long Each
HELI-8-3000 8mm x 3000mm long Each
HELI-10-0500 10mm x 500mm long Each
HELI-10-1000 10mm x 1000mm long Each
HELI-10-1500 10mm x 1500mm long Each
HELI-10-3000 10mm x 3000mm long Each

As well as the helical ties the range includes fixing tools, both hand and power tool adaptors, grouts and grout guns, in fact everything needed for correct and successful fixing of the products.