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Vista Engineering products are being used extensively at Bath Western Riverside, a long-term redevelopment project involving the transformation of 44 acres of former industrial land into a mixed-use community of homes, parks, a primary school, restaurants and other commercial facilities.

Steve Dagger, Sales and Key Accounts Manager at Jewson in Bath, is responsible for calling off orders from Vista for stonework fixings, masonry support products and general purpose ties on behalf of his customer and Riverside contractor, Stonecraft of Bath.

Steve takes up the story: “When Stonecraft placed their initial order around 6 years ago, a representative from Vista came to the site to assess their requirements, measure up and do all the calculations and drawings for the bespoke hangings that would be supporting stonework above the windows. There was another company in the frame at the initial tender phase but to be honest, Vista delivered such a first class service, there really wasn’t any contest.”

Ever since then, Stonecraft have supplied Steve with specifications for bespoke steelworks and support products to call off, with delivery made direct to the site. For more standard products such as general wall ties, Steve places the orders himself.

“Vista’s prices are always highly competitive”, he continues. “I know there’s no point shopping around because I won’t get a better deal or service. Mandy, Sally and the team have always been very pro-active. I can email them with an order for special ties and they’ll often get back to me within the hour, with deliveries turned around in just two or three days.

“In this business, when your customer’s happy, you’re happy! Both Stonecraft and ourselves haven’t found anything to fault Vista on, the whole time we’ve been dealing with them.”

Work on the Bath Riverside Western site will go on for at least another two years. As long as Stonecraft are involved, Steve is confident they’ll continue to rely on Vista to supply all their ties, hangers and support products.

In fact, so impressed are they with the service they’ve received that Stonecraft are now using Vista products at another South West building project they have recently become involved in.