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VEIB & VEIBS Individual Bracket Masonry Support

For use when continuous support is impractical, individual masonry support brackets are the ideal solution in nonstandard construction methods such as curved brickwork.


GA Individual Masonry Support Brackets are generally used when use of continuous support is difficult to achieve such as curved brickwork or where masonry is supported from above such as soldier courses. 

Individual brackets are designed for each specific application ensuring the most cost effective solution for any given loading criteria.


The use of welded serrated pads and punched vertical slots on both the angle and system type brackets offers up to +/- 30mm vertical adjustment.


GA undertake the design of the system and fixings required. Vista will also produce layout drawings detailing the fixing positions, angle lengths and sectional details issued for approval prior to manufacture.


To specify GA Support Brackets follow the code as shown below. Note:- The cavity will determine whether an angle or a system is used. Brackets can be supplied with a plain horizontal slot if required.

Additional subscripts may be added to the specification to indicate factors which affect the design of the bracket,
m = masonry thickness (if different to 102mm)
p = drop below structure soffit
d = angle drop below bracket
n = bracket notched (to suit projecting SFS)

Bracket refrences

The bracket/angle configuration can be arranged to accommodate the structure, fixing and support levels:

Examples of brickwork supported by individual brackets


Example shows brickwork supported by individual brackets fixed back to concrete using M.D. Anchors.

The soldier course brickwork is suspended using stirrups projecting from the underside of the bracket in conjunction with stitching rods built into the brickwork.

The brickwork soffit is suspended using a soffit angle fixed back to the concrete soffit using M.D. Anchors again in conjunction with stitching rods built into the brickwork.